Rivendell adalah salah satu solusi otomatisasi siaran radio yang lumayan lengkap, dengan beberapa fitur untuk akuisisi, manajemen, penjadwalan, dan pemutaran konten audio.

Semua fitur yang diharapkan dalam sistem otomasi radio modern yang lengkap ada di Rivendell, termasuk dukungan untuk PCM Audio dan MPEG Audio, Voicetracking dan kustomisasi log serta dukungan untuk berbagai perangkat lunak dan perangkat keras pihak ketiga.

Untuk menjamin kehandalan dan kelancaran siaran radio, Rivendell menggunakan komponen standar industri seperti Sistem Operasi GNU/Linux , Arsitektur Driver HPI AudioScience dan Database MySQL. Rivendell tersedia di bawah Lisensi Publik GNU versi 2.

Berikut saya sertakan beberapa fitur yang tertera dalam website Rivendell.

A complete GPL’ed radio automation system.
Designed for efficient on-air use, with large, touchscreen-friendly controls.
Up to three full automation logs may be operated from a single computer.
Extensive support for live assist environments, with multiple SoundPanel arrays available at the touch of a finger.
All configuration is done by means of point and click interfaces — no arcane configuration files to edit.
Support for PCM16, PCM24 and MPEG Layer 2 audio formats.
Full support for both analog and AES3 digital audio interfaces, using high-quality audio adapters manufactured by AudioScience Inc. and the JACK Audio Connection Kit.
Designed by radio broadcasters, for radio broadcasters.
Completely free and open — no dongles, unlock codes, software keys or other arbitrary limitations.


Rivendell runs on the GNU/Linux operating system, and is available under the GNU Public License version 2. It currently supports operation using the 5000 and 6000 series of ASI Audio Adapters available from AudioScience Inc as well as the Jack Audio Connection Kit.

Recommended Minimum System Requirements:     Pentium i3 Processor
    2 GB RAM
    CentOS 7 Linux
    1024×768 or greater Video Card
    AudioScience Audio Adapter
    Mouse or other Pointing Device
    Optional: Touchscreen Monitor
The Rivendell Operations and Administration Guide. Available in both online and printable (PDF) formats.
The Rivendell Wiki. Advice on installation, maintenance and best practices for all things Rivendell.
The Rivendell Mailing List. Communicate with fellow Rivendell users, sharing help, tips and other information. Requires a subscription to (free).
The simplest way to install Rivendell is to use the Appliance installer. This will install a complete software stack (operating system + applications), resulting in a dedicated workstation system that is optimally tuned for running Rivendell. Instructions can be found at .
Full source code for Rivendell is available on GitHub, at . An archive of source code releases from v0.9.80 to the present is available at
RDAdmin ~ comprehensive system configuration and management tool
RDAirPlay ~ on-air audio play-out application
RDCartSlots ~ application that emulates a multi-slot cart deck
RDCastManager ~ application for posting and managing podcast episodes
RDCatch ~ automatic audio recorder and event scheduler
RDLibrary ~ audio acquisition and management application, for maintaining a library of audio content
RDLogEdit ~ complete program log editing tool
RDLogManager ~ tool for integration with a wide array of third-party traffic and music scheduling systems

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